How does increasing real subscribers improve your channel?

Increasing real subscribers is the first and most effective step for any channel... In fact, no channel can start a strong activity without an initial increase in membership.

How these subscribers are added to your channel?

Using the access we have, these subscribers will be added to your channel.

Channel must be public or private?

Your channel must be public and while increasing, you should not change your channel ID, in this case, your order will not be done. If you have any questions or problems in ordering, contact support at Tel.

How to find out if these subscribers are real users or fake users?

After doing the work by us, the users are visible and you can even chat with several users.

What is the drop rate?

Obviously, a subscriber who enters a channel directly has a small amount of drop, and to compensate for this drop, our support team has considered a 20% gift subscriber amount.

Which countries do these users belong to?

Most countries in the world, including Asian countries, as well as Russia,India and etc.

What is the delivery time of orders?

Delivery time is between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the amount.
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