Terms of Use

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Unauthorized and forbidden topics

We do not offer any services for channels, groups and pages with the subject of malicious programs, hacking and malware, betting, sex and similar immoral content, gambling and any unusual topic such as…And if we receive such orders, we will not be responsible for refunding it.

Terms of payment types

Payments on Bestmembers.info are processed using either PayPal’s secure system or a secure and verified payment gateway. By purchasing our services you are explicitly agreeing that you clearly understand and agree to what you are purchasing. you have authorization to use the credit card, debit card, PayPal account or any other payment source used to make the purchase.


In some cases, a channel or a page has a high number of users and we may have a user submission limit for that or we do not have the necessary capacity to provide services to it or your channel or page has a severe drop in members…

In this case, you must contact the support in Telegram before ordering.


The materials on Bestmembers.info’s website are provided “as is. We have no responsibility for the sales feedback of your products and the only guarantee we offer is the quality of the users we send to you. It’s up to you and users have the option to stay or leave your channel and group, and this is beyond our responsibility, while we always consider the number of users as a gift to compensate for the loss of members in each order.


Our support team is available to our Clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any breaks. If you have any specific questions or problems, you can contact us through one of the communication channels available on the website.

Refund policy

Customers who are not completely satisfied with our service may request a full refund within the first 24 hours of their purchase before orders begin. Refunds are processed through our customer support agents who can access them at info@bestmembers.info. Bestmembers.info reserves the right to satisfy the customer and all refunds must be done carefully and through the necessary steps.

1- No amount will be refunded after order delivery.
2- After 30 days there will be no refunds for any case.
3- The orders will be delivered between 2 to 24 hours after purchase,Incorrect entry of ID or link in order form and the consequent lack of follow-up for a long time,It does not mean requesting a refund  and the customers can contact us to announce the correct ID or link to receive their services.

4- If your order is not delivered on time, contact our support team, they will most likely find the right solution. Late delivery does not mean your refund.
5- Late delivery does not mean your refund and it can have a technical reasons.
6- You can not use the same website to buy the same at the same time.
7- You can not change your ID page or channel while increasing users and in case of this case, the delivery will not be complete and This does not mean that your order will be refunded.
8- We will not take any responsibility for the loss of users and this is perfectly normal and that is why we always consider a number of gift orders. It is up to the users to stay or not stay in the channel or group after the delivery of the order, so we have no refund in this regard.


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